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Growing pains, or something worse, for Kogan?



A smiling woman holds a sign saying 'Don't panic', indicating unwanted share price movement

I write about the psychology of investing a lot.

That’s because I think it’s the area of investing most likely to help you succeed – and most likely to be responsible for failure.

Sure, it’s possible that you get your analysis wrong on a given company, or even a whole sector.

But that error is unlikely to cost you all that much, in the overall scheme of things… if you get the psychology of investing right.

See, the basics are straightforward:

– Diversify.

– Invest small amounts, regularly

– Don’t speculate

– Don’t overtrade

We can add more, of course, but that’s the basics.

And, if you’ve done those things, the occasional temporary loss – or permanent mistake – on a given company just isn’t going to hurt you that much.

How do I…

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